Are There Benefits To Being In The Senior Volunteer Program RSVP?

What RSVP does for volunteers?

The Senior Volunteer Program RSVP, a Senior Corps program, which in turn is backed by National Community Service Company, links volunteers to local volunteer agencies. Being in the senior volunteer program RSVP is a way to find suitable volunteer work in local agencies. Finding them takes some effort. That is where RSVP comes handy. It can link seniors to local agencies or give information of all available local Senior Corps programs.

Volunteering benefits

Generally volunteering enhances a life of a senior or retiree. It guards against boredom, against isolation and depression. An active life is more worthwhile in retirement than lonely, isolated life, if there are not enough of other activities to satisfy a person. Volunteers have better self esteem, feel good about themselves and are respected by their agencies and volunteer managers.

Financial benefits

Volunteering purpose is not to make money. But in certain volunteer positions give stipends and other benefits to volunteers. Elder care programs were designed for limited income people over 60 to encourage to work for 20 hours a week by compensating for expenses of volunteer work. Another common stipend is given in charity organizations to volunteer managers taking care of volunteer activities and wishing that person stays for a year to effectively manage volunteers. According the senior volunteer program RSVP 37% of congregations with charities use a volunteer manager for social services. The senior volunteer program RSVP’s role is to channel funds to these organizations, which give stipends to volunteers.

Health benefits

It is actually established that active life, which volunteering gives keeps its participants more healthy than most other retired people. Sedentary life often invites a sickness and shortens one’s lifespan.

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