Are Retired Volunteers Better?

Senior citizens looking to make a positive impact in their neighborhood, city or state have many opportunities for volunteering. Volunteering is an excellent way to stay active and social. Seniors may wonder whether or not they have enough time to dedicate to volunteering, however.

So, Are Retired Volunteers Better?

This depends on the type of volunteering you are looking to get into. There are plenty of jobs that require very little time, and may only be a one time opportunity. Just because you aren’t retired doesn’t mean you can’t find volunteer work. However, there is some volunteer work that requires more dedication and skills. Retired volunteers would be better suited for these tasks.

Volunteering Opportunities For Those Not Retired

The Senior Corps association has a program called RSVP, which links seniors looking to volunteer with various organizations. There is a wide range of volunteer opportunities available, from tutoring students, working on building homes for the community, teaching English to immigrants, or joining a community watch program.

You can volunteer with RSVP and only dedicate a few hours a week to a cause, which is perfect if you are still working.

By contacting your local volunteer organizations you can also find appropriate weekend opportunities.

Best Long Term Volunteer Opportunities For the Retired

There are plenty of opportunities for retired volunteers. Senior Corps has several programs that require between 15 and 40 hours of commitment each week. Senior foster parenting is when you mentor a child in need. The senior companionship program is where you help a senior citizen with needs such as helping with household chores, aiding with errands, or providing friendship.

There are plenty of organizations that need higher level skills from their retired volunteers. If you have a medical background, you could utilize it with community health needs or organizations such as the Red Cross. Other non-profit businesses could use your business or finance background to help with management.

If you are retired you have the flexibility to be as involved as you choose. Just because you aren’t retired shouldn’t stop you from volunteering, however, because you can still make a positive impact in your community while still employed.

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