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2004 Senior Corps Accomplishment and Performance Surveys

Senior Corps is currently conducting all four components of the 2004 Performance Measurement Surveys: the Project Director Surveys, Volunteer Station Supervisor Surveys, Volunteer Surveys, and the Service Recipient Surveys.

The Volunteer Survey is designed to be completed by the volunteers using a paper-and-pencil questionnaire. The Service Recipient Surveys are designed to be completed over the telephone. Both the Project Director survey and the Station Supervisor survey are designed to be completed on line using the internet. We know that some station supervisors do not have email addresses or easy access to the internet. We will work with them and their project directors to administer the survey by mail. Help will be available on the web site, on-line, and by telephone.

Westat, our survey research contractor, is administering the Performance Measurement Surveys. Westat will be using a special email address for these surveys – [email protected].

The Project Director Survey

Beginning in early September, all project directors received an email from [email protected] notifying them of the survey, including a unique ID number, password, and a direct link to the survey web site (view frequently asked questions regarding the Project Director Survey). Project directors who operate more than one Senior Corps project are asked to respond to the survey for only one project.

Station Supervisor Survey

Westat has sent an email and/or telephoned to those project directors with stations selected for the survey, asking for verifications or updates of the sampled stations’ contact information, particularly the name and email address of the supervisor.

Second, Westat sent an email to the station supervisors to notify them of the survey (with a copy to their Project Director), give them their unique station ID number and password, provide a direct link to the web site, and indicate how they can respond if they cannot do so on-line. When no email address was available, Westat mailed a similar notification of the survey directly to the station supervisor. The survey packages for these stations will be sent to the Project Directors with a request to distribute them to the stations as soon as practical. Station supervisors will receive a small incentive in appreciation of their efforts.

Click on the name of the language for versions of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Station Supervisor’s Survey, in English and Spanish.

Volunteer Survey

Westat has emailed and called project directors with sampled volunteers (fewer than 100 project directors are involved). The purposes of the contacts are to (1) gain permission to survey volunteers in selected stations and (2) determine the most efficient procedure for distributing the surveys. Station supervisors who are willing to assist with the distribution of the Volunteer Surveys will receive an incentive in appreciation for their efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the Volunteer Survey are available, in versions specifically for Volunteers as well as for Station Supervisors.

The Service Recipient Surveys

Westat is conducting a small number of surveys – about 200 per program – to find out about the benefits of selected types of service performed by Senior Corps volunteers.

The Senior Companion Program surveys focus on independent living and caregiver respite; the Foster Grandparent Program surveys focus on mentoring services to children; and the RSVP surveys focus on mentoring services to children and homeland security.

Participating project directors have been contacted to determine the most efficient and appropriate method of contacting the people and organizations selected to respond to these surveys.

There are several documents available with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for several common types of project, tailored to the Service Recipient, Station Supervisor, or the Project Director.

For Service Recipients: For Station Supervisors: For Project Directors:
Mentoring Children (RSVP) Mentoring Children (RSVP) Mentoring Children (RSVP)
Mentoring Children (FGP) Mentoring Children (FGP) Mentoring Children (FGP)
Caregiver Respite Caregiver Respite Caregiver Respite
Independent Living Independent Living Independent Living
Homeland Security

Homeland Security

Homeland Security

Final Points

As the data collection process continues, we will return to NSSCTALK to update you. And, of course, we hope to get your feedback on NSSCTALK or other ways as well.

In case you are asked by outside researchers to complete a survey of any kind that you do not know about, please ask for the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) approval number. The OMB approval number for the Project Director and Station Supervisor surveys is 3045-0097; the OMB approval number for the Volunteer and forthcoming Service Recipient surveys is 3045-0098. The 2004 Performance Measurement Survey is the sole source of new national-level indicators for our programs and the only one authorized by OMB.

On behalf of Senior Corps and the Department of Research and Policy Development, thanks in advance to Senior Corps project directors and volunteer station supervisors for participating in this important study.  If you have additional questions about the survey, please feel free to contact Westat at 1-888-446-1292 or [email protected].

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