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Partners in Service : Overview of Partnerships

Collaboration and Partnerships: The Bedrock of Senior Corps Projects

The National Senior Service Corps relies on diverse networks of partners to get things done in more than 1,250 communities throughout the nation. Local Foster Grandparent, Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) and Senior Companion projects have demonstrated that they are:

An excellent investment
A resource to the community and to their partners to achieve positive change
Significant vehicles to promote caring and connected communities

Invest in a Future That You Help to Create
  • Involved and empowered communities and neighborhoods to mobilize seniors
  • Help Senior Corps projects to meet critical community needs
  • Develop more programs, serve more people, and expand services by tapping Senior Power
Send a Compelling Message – You Believe:
  • Senior Corps volunteers Get Things Done!
  • Volunteering for the good of the community is important enough to stand behind
  • Senior volunteers themselves benefit from serving others
  • You care about how America ages
  • Senior volunteers can leave a legacy of better communities for future generations
Boost Your Bottom Line – Partnerships Create Greater:
  • Name recognition for your products, services, and issues
  • Awareness about your business, group, or agency: what you do and what you offer
  • Opportunities to reach new markets such as seniors, family members
  • Reach the booming population of older adults (senior-friendly profile) as consumers and customers
  • Financial incentives – tax deductions
Enhance Your Identity and Reputation as A Community Problem-Solver
  • Help to forge new roles for senior volunteers as community resources
  • Help to define service as an important dimension of “post retirement”
  • Help demonstrate that senior service gives purpose to later life

  • Gain recognition for the important work that you support

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