Will My Medicare Insurance Coverage Be Adequate If I Become Ill?

Find out in advance if Medicare insurance coverage will help you through sicknesses.

Concerns about Medicare insurance coverage are common. If you are worried about what insurance will cover if you become sick, then verify the information in the plan. The only way to know what your plan covers is by understanding the contents.


Most insurance coverage will depend on the deductible. If you have a low deductible, you will reach the amount faster. Minor and major illnesses would be covered when this occurs. If your condition is not serious and you have a high deductible, you will probably pay for many charges. If you fall seriously ill, then Medicare insurance coverage should handle the costs because fees will likely exceed the deductible.

Medicare Part B

Your current Medicare plan may have many gaps in services. Medicare Part B is an optional program that offers different benefits from your existing plan. There is a premium and deductible with Part B. This provides Medicare insurance coverage for x-rays, vacations, chemo and testing and other services you may need when ill.

Other Costs

If you are ill, then you may need prescriptions, equipment or outpatient services. The only way to tell if your Medicare insurance coverage will be adequate is to evaluate your current plan. Some of these services may be included in Part A or Part B. Prescriptions will usually not be included without Medicare Part D.

Consider Your Needs

Prepare for illnesses by determining any extra coverage you may need. Some Medicare Advantage plans may have services included that basic packages do not. Certain types of illnesses or procedures may not be covered in your individual plan. Most plans are designed to offer assistance with serious problems, but every individual plan is different. Only you can determine if your plan works for you.

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