Will Medicare Survive With Obama’s New Health Plan?

Many people are theorizing that not only will medicare survive Obama’s health care plan, it might actually get stronger as more people are put into the program. The recent interest in health care plans has pointed out some abuses that are currently exploiting medicare. With the abuses becoming public knowledge, corrective measures are being formed to stop the abuse of medicare by unscrupulous providers. More tax revenue is being planned to bolster the medicare system.

What Projections Are Made About Medicare?

It is speculated that medicare will increase by adding people 55 years and older which would give the program added tax dollars. Some of the recent abuses found in medicare spending involves the outright theft of social security numbers and the fraudulent use of those numbers. Since the abuses have been discovered, the need to watch over medicare expenses while funding it to add more people into the program should make medicare a stronger social institution. In spite of the fact that medicare is currently underfunded, the system has provided health care coverage for people 62 and over for years.

Who Will Be Covered By Obama’s Health Plan?

Millions of people who do not qualify for any health care program will be added to Obama’s Health Care Plan. It is estimated that more than 30 million people will be added to the health care plan. These people usually have their bills picked up by other social agencies. Their addition to the health care plan should ease the burden of other social agencies that are currently covering their health care costs. The coverage of these people will actually insure medicare’s continued existence as the major health care program for people 55 and older.

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