Will Medicare Cover Both Mine And My Spouse’s Medical Care?

Getting the right amount of health insurance is very important for you to get the best health care possible. If you are older than your spouse and now qualify for Medicare, you may be wondering if it will cover your spouse. If only you are old enough then you will have to have private insurance for your spouse until they reach the right age. The government has this rule so that the system doesn’t become over burdened. Medicare won’t cover both you and your spouse’s medical care until you both are the age of 65 or older.

How Can You Get Your Spouse Covered

Hopefully they already have some sort of private insurance that is covering there expenses, otherwise you probably over paying by a lot of money. Even though you can’t Medicare until a certain age there are many policy providers that can help you cover your medical expenses. If they are close to retirement age then they should apply for this insurance early so that it will take effect the day they turn 65. Though Medicare won’t cover both you and your spouse’s medical care there are still many options for you to choose from.

Don’t Let Medical Costs Drive You Bankrupt

Remember that planning ahead is very important because oftentimes we can’t foresee the medical problems we will have in the future. Even if your spouse isn’t ill or need a lot of medical care it is still probably a good idea for them to get some sort of private insurance. Though Medicare won’t cover both you and spouse’s medical care there are still many options available. Don’t be afraid to contact the Medicare office near you and start applying so that your spouse will get coverage at the age of 65.

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