Will Medicaid Pay For My Medicare Premium?

People who are on Medicaid will learn that Medicaid will not pay for their Medicare premium. You can pay for the Medicare premium out of a Social Security disability check out of a Social Security Income check. People who are eligible for Medicaid are often also eligible for this program. The program of Medicaid is willing to let you pay your Medicare premium with funds from the Social Security Administration. The Social Security Administration is obviously not going to be able to tell exactly how you paid your Medicare premiums to begin with.

Medicare premiums

You can pay your Medicare premiums with cash for example. The people who happen to be involved with the Medicaid program probably do wish that Medicaid would pay their Medicare premiums. The fact that you are having someone pay your Medicare premiums is nothing to be ashamed of and you should be proud if you are paying your Medicare premium yourself. It does not matter whether the Medicare premium happens to be as small as five dollars to begin with, you are still making a contribution by paying your own Medicare premium. Many consumers may have trouble paying their Medicare premium.


Some people are worried about the sustainability of Medicare. Other people are just worried about being able to pay their Medicare premium. You can learn to embrace the idea of paying your Medicare premium if you happen to run into a little extra income. A little extra income could certainly make it possible for you to be able to pay your Medicare premium. A Medicare premium is something that is not easy for some people to pay. There are many people out there who are struggling financially that wish Medicaid would pay their Medicare premium.

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