Will I Be Automatically Enrolled In Medicare When I Turn 65?

There Are There Factors Which Affect Getting Medicare

If you are already receiving Social Security benefits, you do not have to do anything. About three months before your sixty-fifth birthday you will receive a packet from the Social Security department. In it will be your Medicare card, a letter explaining benefits and how much will be automatically deducted from your Social Security payment for Plan B. If you are not receiving retirement benefits and you want to start both, you apply to the Social Security Department. You want to do this three months before your eligibility date. If you wait until you turn sixty-five, coverage of Medicare Plan B may be delayed. Three months prior to your birthday is the start of your seven month Initial Enrollment Period. If you are close to sixty-five, do not get Social Security and do not plan on applying for it, you can get Medicare. You apply separately for it. The seven month eligibility period starts three months before your birthday. To avoid delays in the start of Medicare Plan B, apply at that time. You have four months after your birthday to avoid any penalties.

If There Are Some Special Circumstances

You are not required to take Medicare Plan B. If you or your spouse have adequate employer insurance don’t take it. But if you do not and turn it down, there is a premium penalty charged when you eventually sign u.

The time frame to remember when dealing with Medicare is three months. The seven month Initial Eligibility Period begins three months before you turn sixty-five. If you receive Social Security you need do nothing. If not, you must apply.

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