Will Health Reforms Cut Medicare Benefits?

With all the new health reform legislation being passed many physicians and patients are confused about what that means to them. Essentially the plan is to get most everybody in the country either insured privately or through a government program. For elderly people there shouldn’t be too much that changes. The government already had a plan known as Medicare that takes care of persons over a certain age. There shouldn’t be any worry that health reforms cut Medicare benefits since the government actually wants to expand coverage.

Why You May Need Medicare

Private health insurance can be expensive and most elderly people are on a fixed income. Unfortunately, Social Security doesn’t give Seniors enough money to purchase private plans. Medicare can be used entirely or as supplemental insurance to help ensure that all medical needs are met. There is no worry that health reforms cut Medicare benefits since it is deemed as a necessary service. There may be other areas where the government will make cuts, but not in the necessary areas that Seniors need to survive. There really is no reason to worry about Medicare Benefits.

Do You Qualify?

Again, there really shouldn’t be any major cuts to this type of government backed insurance. If you aren’t sure if you qualify or not there are many offices that can help you. Chances are that if you have looked into private insurance and couldn’t afford it, or could only pay for partial coverage, then you will qualify for some type of Medicare. Fortunately health reforms cut Medicare benefits isn’t something that is going to happen. Seniors don’t have to worry that they will not be able to get the medical attention they require to live comfortably.

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