Will Health Reforms Cut Medicare Benefits?

Medicare benefits will be cut by health care reform if you happen to be heavily dependent upon Medicare benefits. If you happen to live in a state that is heavily dependent upon the Medicare Advantage program in order to handle some of the payments associated with doctors for procedures and treatments when it comes to the Medicare system Doctors need to be able to get their Medicare payments. Health reforms will have an impact on doctor payments when it comes to Medicare benefits. A state that does not have that many Medicare applicants will not be that impacted by potential Medicare benefits cuts

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies will be impacted by health reform and potential Medicare benefits cuts. Insurance companies are those who are being subsidized under the Medicare Advantage program. Due to the cuts in the Medicare Advantage program the Medicare cuts will cause more insurance companies to decide not to cover certain prescription drugs. There are a number of people who realize that health reform and its cuts to the Medicare Advantage program will end up hurting some of the Medicare supplement plans out there. You have to be careful when you propose a concept that will end up cutting Medicare benefits.


Medicare is a very popular program and cuts to it will be met with a certain amount of displeasure. You have to ask yourself whether we are on the road towards single payer health care and that the Medicare benefit cuts under the health reform are just a temporary fix. People who happen to be in their sixties are going to worry about things like Medicare cuts. This is a program that many of them have paid into for years so of course they do not like the idea of Medicare cuts.

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