Will A Beneficiary Get Medicare Coverage?

Anyone in a position to get SSDI benefits is also eligible for Medicare coverage after qualifying for 24 months. The first two years of disability are the waiting period for qualification and the person in subject can get health insurance from the person that used to employ them. Their former employer should be contacted for information on health insurance.

How Are Beneficiaries Eligible For Medicare Coverage?

Beneficiaries are only eligible for this kind of insurance only when they haven’t reached the age of 65, are disabled in some way and cant work or don’t have Medicare due to their inability to work.

What Plans Can Beneficiaries Buy?

These people can buy Premium insurance A which is given to them at the same price retired and eligible persons pay. They can also buy part B. at the same price eligible retirees gets it at. They are however allowed to buy supplemental medical insurance if they are enrolled with hospital insurance.

What If The Beneficiary Starts Working?

When a beneficiary gets a job, they are given a 3 months period with hospital insurance and medical insurance. This is only so when the beneficiary is still disabled. They might however loose cash benefits after this but they don’t have to pay any premiums for hospital insurance. After the three months period, beneficiaries can purchase Medicare coverage and hospital insurance if the disability they have continues after the three month period, there are many places you can go for these kinds of information, the internet being the best. There are rules to follow with Medicare coverage and without the right information, you might not know whether you are eligible or not. Here you will get all you need to know and finally land yourself the right plan that will be best for your condition.

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