Why Won’t My Medicare Supplement Cover My Surgery?

Surgery is a complicated and expensive procedure. It costs tens of thousands of dollars, at the least, and is beyond the budget of most people. Virtually all surgeries today are paid through insurance. It is the only way the majority of injured people could ever afford surgery. The only problem is that not all insurance covers major surgery, or does not cover certain types of surgery. Look carefully at the contract, especially if it is medicare supplement.

The Reality of Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement is a type of insurance provided to those who receive medicare from the government, but find it inadequate to meet their needs. It might be that their budget is already being stretched thin, and are afraid that a sudden emergency would not be covered. The buy private insurance that takes up where federal funding cuts thin. While supplement can handle many medical expenses, it may or may not cover the costs of surgery.

Look At Different Plans

Most people get Medicare Supplement, commonly referred to as Medigap, in order to reduce the cost of buying prescription drugs. About 18 percent of Medicare recipients have a supplemental plan to help them with drug expenses. This type of insurance is highly specific and may not cover surgery. For a person at risk of developing cancer or is worried about future surgical expenses, it is smart to invest in insurance with broader coverage.

It is intelligent to look at many different coverage options. Medicare Supplement is geared specifically towards reducing the out-of-pocket expenses of important prescription drugs. To cover a possible surgery, it is important to have a broader form of insurance that specifically covers accidents and surgical expenses. Do not be caught without the right coverage.

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