Why Should I choose An AARP Medicare Supplement Plan?

Who should be concerned about AARP Medicare Supplement Plan?

With changes coming in 2011 concerning Medicare, senior citizens should think carefully about future medical expenses. Since Medicare does not cover all medical expenses, it is very important for retirees to invest time looking into different medical Supplement plans. One of them is called AARP Medicare Supplement Plan. AARP Medicare Supplement Plan is a great way to cover the gap in costs that Medicare cannot pay for.

Who is this plan for and what does it cover?

This supplement plan is for people 65 and over, it pays for drug and health care expenses that Medicare doesn’t and it lowers year to year out of pocket expenses, while allowing you to keep your own medical provider. AARP Medicare Supplement Plan offers two plans called Plan A and Plan B. Costs related to emergency care, extra days at the hospital, and more doctor visits throughout the year that are not covered by Medicare will be covered by the AARP Medicare Supplement Plan. Under this Supplement Plan, you will get up to date competitive pricing, claims are filed by doctors or hospitals, and you have a variety of plans to choose from. AARP Medicare Supplement Plan lets you keep your own specialist and hospital minimizing the stress in looking for a new supplement plan.

What are some other benefits?

Even with a pre-existing medical condition, you are still allowed to change doctors without any waiting period. There is coverage provided for you in any part of the United States and you won’t be targeted for an increase in your rates. One of the great benefits of choosing an AARP Medicare Supplement Plan is the advantage of having a drug plan which can be provided at higher levels of the supplement plan. Under this plan, medical and drug coverage is provided with no limits on previous medical conditions.

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