Why Is Medicare No Longer Accepted By Certain Doctors?

It is becoming more and more common for doctors to refuse treating patients that have Medicare as their primary insurance. The reasons for this vary, but there is one reoccurring trend. These doctors don’t like the fact that they often get reduced payments from this insurance, and they want to make as much money as possible. Instead of caring about their fellow citizens they would rather drive a Ferrari. That is why Medicare is no longer accepted by certain doctors, along with some other factors.

Why Else Would They Refuse Treatment?

The rules and regulations for Medicare are so complex that it is actually a hassle for the billing staff to find out how to get payment for various of treatment. It is an unfortunate situation that hopefully can be solved by the new health care reform act. If you find that Medicare no longer is accepted by certain doctors you have, then you will have to find other practitioners to service your needs. Whatever the reason is for there denial, there are still plenty of other facilities that a person can choose from.

Is There Anything The Government Can Do?

Unfortunately, no. The doctors are free to choose whom they will treat, which means that not everybody will get equal health care. Although Medicare is no longer accepted by certain doctors there are many other choices for patients to choose from. Even if you can’t get the specific doctor you want, there are many clinics that will take Medicare. Don’t worry because even the less expensive alternatives are usually of high quality as well. Though it is sad that doctors won’t treat some people, it is the world we live in.

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