Why Is Medicare Important?

Insurance, medical and pharmaceutical costs are rising at a very rapid pace, and this is one of the reasons why Medicare was introduced. It is a medical plan that is federally funded to cater for Americans who have reached the age of 65. The plans takes care of medical expenses like drugs, hospital stays and doctor’s visits. This plan also caters for people who are disabled and those who suffer from kidney failure and Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Medicare Parts

This plan is made up of four different parts including Part A, Part B, Part C and Part D. Part A includes hospital insurance, which is used to pay for any outpatient care in nursing facilities or hospitals. In some cases, it also covers hospice and home care. Part B includes medical insurance which caters for doctor’s services and supplies and medical services that are not paid for by the hospital insurance. Part C is the Medicare advantage which allows various organizations to provide services for people who are signed up for the plan. Part D takes care of the prescriptions that doctors give to the patients.

Why is Medicare Important?

It has become very expensive to cater for medical expenses especially for those who are over the age of 65 and already retired. Some people wonder why is Medicare important because to finance it, taxpayers are required to pay more taxes. It is essential because no source of income, the older population in the country will find it difficult to take care of their medical expenses. The older population is also more prone to diseases and injuries therefore they need to have a plan that ensures they get the type of medical care they need. These facts answer the question why is Medicare important.

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