Why Don’t All Doctors Have To Accept Medicare?

Medicare is a form of insurance. Doctors have the option to accept an insurance plan or not. Many doctors opt not to take Medicare insurance because of the perceived low payments and hassles they receive for their services. Many doctors feel that the government has dropped the payment amounts for services to such a low rate that they cannot provide these same services without going broke. There is much debating going on between hospitals, private doctors and the Medicare system to come up with a more fair and justified payment plan.

Can I Force A Doctor To Accept My Medicare?

Doctors, hospitals and other medical providers are not required to take any form of medical insurance they do not wish. This also includes Medicare. If a physician does not wish to participate in the Medicare program, it is not required. If you really feel that you need to receive medical services from this provider, perhaps because of their specialty, you can always pay for the services up front and file a claim with Medicare. There is no guarantee that you will receive payment for the entire amount you paid, but you may receive some of your money back.

Will The New Healthcare Laws Force Medical Professionals To Accept Medicare?

At this time, there is no provision that will force any medical professional to accept any form of insurance that they do not want. However, it would always be in the best interest of the provider to accept as many plans as possible in their office. With the upcoming influx of new people entering the Medicare system, it will be hard to stay in business if you do not accept this insurance plan.

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