Why Doesn’t My Medicare Supplemental Plan Cover Everything?

Medicare Supplement Plans cover gaps in Medicare, as such they are not designed to cover everything. Because Medicare plans are not designed to cover every health need a person might conceivably need, a person cannot expect a Medigap plan to do so either. In most cases, a person will still need separate dental plans. Vision plans may help, but most people can afford to pay for glasses out of their own pocket.

Ideally, a person should have most of the expenses for medical specialists and the most common forms of Medical care.

Should My Medicare Supplemental Plan Cover Most Medical Expenses?

A Medicare Supplemental Plan will not cover most of a person’s medical expenses. It is designed to cover the bulk of expenses that Medicare itself does not cover. A person who finds that a Medigap policy does not meet his needs should reconsider the policy he has or switch his insurance company.

Switching plans is possible under the rules Medicare supplemental plan rules indicated by the U.S. government do not make it easy. A person needs to make sure his Medigap policy will meet his needs before he commits to any plan.

Why Don’t Medigap Policies Meet Everyone’s Needs

Medicare Supplemental Policies do not cover all the gaps in the Medicare program because they are not required to. Plans A-N only have to cover what the law requires them to. Insurers cannot provide lesser coverage than the plans provide, although they can provide new and innovative coverage if the company so chooses.

A wise consumer may look for the plans that offer the new and innovative coverage, even if what the term means is not exactly spelled out. A person should know what coverage he needs when he enters his Medigap supplement open enrollment period. He has a six-month window to do the research.

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