Why Doesn’t Medicare Pay For Hearing Aids Or Eyeglasses?

It would seem to make sense that an insurance company would pay for glasses and hearing aids, but this is rarely ever the case. Because Medicare is essentially another insurance program, most members will usually be denied. However there are exceptions. Consider these following things.

Glasses Are Normally Considered Elective

Medicare defines glasses as an elective item, a term used to define “unnecessary“. However there are two exceptions to this case, one being Glaucoma and the other being Cataracts. Medicare recipients must be suffering from these conditions to have glasses and contact lenses considered for reimbursement. Yet, when they do consider reimbursement they will cover both of the eyes, glasses wise. Patients are responsible for 100% of the bill otherwise.

Hearing Aids Are Elective To

Hearing aids are elective to, just like glasses. Patients are responsible for 100% of the bill. However Medicare, in certain circumstances, will cover the cost of a prosthetic device. Often though, the cost of prosthetics far outweigh the costs of a hearing aid. This elective also extends to routine hearing tests, which are also the responsibility of the Medicare patient. Regulations vary by the state however, so there may be some exceptions to the contrary. Though most states operate under the same mindset. One exception, though limited, is coverage based on an advantage plan; a secondary premium insurance add on.


It may seem necessary to a Medicare patients overall health, however there is also the reasoning of cost and time. Hearing aids and glasses are usually within reachable limits. As an insurance provider, Medicare has to prioritize costs to only the necessary. However, states vary and Medicaid may pick up the tab if a patient meets low income thresholds. It is wise to discuss needs with an agent.

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  1. Rebecca McLean says:

    Oh, I thought the new health care law was great for seniors. I hardly know a senior that does not have to have glasses. Does the AFC aka Obamamcare make an exception now?

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