Why Doesn’t Medicare Cover All Health Issues?

One of the biggest questions that is asked is “Why doesn’t Medicare cover all health issues?” This is quite a concern for many of those that feel that they are having to pay out of pocket for many medical necessities. Keep reading if you want to be able to understand why some health issues are not covered by Medicare.

What Health Issues Does Medicare Not Cover

The number of medical issues that do not fall under coverage by Medicare include Vision, Dental, Cosmetic, and more. Experimental procedures are also not covered, and for a significant reason. The procedures may not have yet been proven to be effective, and thus deemed unworthy of their coverage.

Shouldn’t Medicare Cover All Health Issues Anyway?

The debate over what is considered an appropriate amount of coverage continues. With proper care of many of the health issues that are not covered, their impact might be less dramatic on one’s overall well being. Legislation is under way to change the way that medical issues are considered for Medicare coverage.

Why Doesn’t Medicare Choose To Cover All The Health Issues That Can Be Treated?

You have to understand that Medicare is a business, just like any other. They are in the market to make money, and try to avoid financial risk wherever it may reside. Until regulation is forced upon them to make changes, it may remain this way for some time to come.

What To Do If Your Health Issues Are Not Covered By Medicare

The best thing for you to do is to think about obtaining supplemental coverage from a insurance provider. This kind of supplemental coverage is called Medigap, and is depended upon by many across the country. There are many plans to pick based off of the particular coverage you find yourself needing.

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