Why Are There So Many Different Medicare Supplement Plans?

Why are there so many different Medicare supplement plans? It might seem that Medicare supplement plans would have a one fix solution for anyone and anybody. However when you get down to it, Medicare supplements are made to be flexible, mindful that everyone has different needs and preferences.

Are Flexible

Medicare supplement plans have various plans as you might know; they cover nursing, doctors, in- patient care, prescriptions and even preferences for hospitals etc… They are like this because of the patient diversity it needs to service adequately. What works for one person isn’t going to work for the other so it’s the best plan to meet everyone flexibly.

Cater to the Needs of the Patient

Medicare supplement plans have to be mindful to the needs of patients. Some patients require intensive care, while others require home care. Other folks have needs for prescriptions, while others need to have blood regulated with anti-coagulants. Some people need catheters, or diabetic testing kits. It’s unrealistic to fashion a “one shoes fit” policy for every person if you keep this in mind. Medicare supplement plans are a “make your own choice” type plan, which you pay for in different cases depending on the plan. In this fashion it’s also hard to group everyone in the same plan due to economical reasons, as the bills are handled differently, or would be more unaffordable as such.

Are Mindful of Preferences

Lastly, the preferences for the patient also touch upon the theological. Some patients would like their last moments (if applicable) in a hospital that would honor their choice of life, or death. Other preferences may include the right to refuse tests, or donor plans. Medicare supplement plans again, are as diverse as the patients it’s meant to serve, anything less and it wouldn’t work.

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