Who Is Medigap Plan G Best For?

For you to be eligible for Medicare supplemental plans including the Medigap Plan G, you must first be enrolled in Medicare. Medigap Plan G is taken to cover some areas left by Medicare Plan A and B. This plan is pretty similar to Medigap Plan F, the only difference being the fact that Plan F covers Medicare Part B deductibles while Plan G doesn’t.

Who Is It Best For?

Most agents promote Plan F more than Medigap Plan G. However, if you took time and weighed the options, you would find the price for Plan G very cheap. If you want to save some money, then it would be best if you went for plan G where you only have to pay $155 per year as opposed to Plan F where you would have to pay $240.

What Does It Cover?

20% of the areas left unfilled by Medicare are taken care of by Medigap Plan G. These are the expenses incurred after a visit to the hospital and consultation with a doctor. This is known as co-insurance and can add up to thousands of dollars. This plan also covers Medicare Part A deductible which adds up to $1,100 per year. There are also those excess charges that are beyond Medicare coverage. All these are covered in Plan G and can save you a lot of money.

This Plan Is Best For Me – How Do I Go About It?

The best part about Medigap Plan G is that there are no enrollment periods and you can apply for one at any time of the year. Switching from the one you are currently working with is also quite easy. This plan will handle most of the unpredictable medical expenses and in the process save you lots of money.

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