Who Is Medigap Plan C Best For?

Medigap plan C is a combination insurance bought by members of Medicare. The plan typically combines the abilities of plan A, plan B, compensation for blood work and more. Though it has some limitations Medigap plan C is made for people with the need for extensive stays, the flexibility to pay after benefits are exhausted and the need to pay doctors for associated patient care.

Financial Matters

Medigap plan C is a great combination for people worried about financial matters. The plan covers the part A and part B portions of Medicare which sums up doctors, blood work and nursing care. For patients this means more care options for those who may need extensive stays in hospitals, or those patients with chronic conditions that are likely to be financially crippling.

Keeps Your Benefits Running

Patients who stay in hospitals longer than compensated for are capable of addressing this in their Medigap plan C policy. The amount of days a patient can stay in a room is increased in reflection of extended coverage under the plan C policy (compensated for). Additionally people are still covered for skilled nursing and preventative services required by the Medicare member. If Medicare “freebies” such as catheters or blood work is exhausted patients are allowed to continue so long as the insurance plan is paid for. Plan C in this case can be summed up as a needs extender plan for all sorts of conditions.

Short Or Long Plan C Is There

Lastly Medigap plan C is also best summed up as a flexible plan catering to people who are likely going to need hospital care in the future. Coverage for doctors and nurses is the best type of coverage in a general sense. If recovery time is unknown plan C provides the backbone to provide in the worst case.

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