Who Is Medigap Plan B Best For?

Choosing from all of the different Medigap plans available can be difficult for those who don’t know what they’re looking for. Even though all of the Medigap plans are regulated to stay the same between different companies, each plan offers something a little different. So who is Medigap Plan B best for? Here is an explanation of Medigap Plan B and whose needs it is best suited for.

Who Medigap Plan B Is Best For

Medigap Plan B is best suited to the needs of those who are looking for simple and basic Medigap coverage, but who are also concerned about paying hospitalization deductibles. Plan A is the most basic Medigap coverage, and Plan B takes it one step further by covering certain hospitalization deductible expenses not covered by Medicare Part A.

What Does Medigap Plan B Cover?

The standard Medigap Plan A covers Medicare Part A co-insurance for hospitals, hospital costs after Medicare benefits have run out, 20% of outpatient costs, the first three pints of blood and hospice benefits. Plan B will also cover 100% of the residual hospital bills not covered by Medicare Part A, up to 365 days after Medicare eligible lifetime reserve days have been exhausted. What this means is the recipient will pay nothing out of pocket for hospital deductibles until 1 year after Medicare has stopped paying.

What Is Not Covered By Medigap Plan B

Not covered by Medigap Plan B are skilled and in-home nursing, Medicare Part B deductible, excess charges from Medicare Part B and travel expenses in foreign countries. If these are needs that are anticipated by the Medicare recipient that they wish to have covered, Medigap Plan B may not be the best suited Medigap policy for their needs. Instead, they should examine other Medigap plans to cover their specific needs.

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