Who Is Eligible For The Medicare Discount Card?

For individuals who require prescription medications each month, having a Medicare discount card can provide real savings. People with limited resources and income can receive extra help to pay for their prescriptions. Most who qualify do not have to pay anything for their discount card and generic brand medication costs average about $2.50, or for brand names the cost is around $6.30. Others must pay a premium and deductible for their prescriptions, based on income.

Who Is Eligible For the Medicare Discount Card?

To know who is eligible for the Medicare discount card the answer is simple. Those who are enrolled in the Medicare program are eligible for the Medicare discount card. Those who receive Medicaid outpatient prescription medications are not eligible. For individuals who get help with their drug costs from other insurance programs such as Medigap or other insurance plans do not need the discount card, but if individual finds themselves struggling to pay for the high cost of medications, looking into receiving a discount card is well worth the time.

Income Qualifications

For an individual who is eligible for the Medicare discount card their monthly income must be less than $1,354 a month for singles and less than $1,821 for married couples along with resources of less than $5,600 for singles and $9,900 for married couples. There is also additional state help for people with very limited income and many drug manufacturers offer larger discounts for additional savings.

Signing Up

Once it’s discovered who is eligible for the Medicare discount card, signing up is a fairly simple process. Individuals who wish to sign up can do so at any time of the year. There is no penalty or deadline period since this program is completely voluntary. Each state has their rules about applying and eligibility. Calling the State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program in the state the individual resides will give individuals all the information they will need to enroll and begin saving on the cost of prescriptions.

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