Who is Eligible for Medicare Hospice Benefits?

Medicare Hospice Benefits for Six Months Life Expectancy

People who have terminal illnesses and have been given six months life expectancy or less will benefit from these benefits. This is only after they have been certified by a health practitioner and the disease is supposed to run its full course. If the patient lives longer than the period certified for the hospice benefits, an infinite number of sixty-day period is available.

Electing Medicare Hospice Benefits

A document electing the various hospice benefits must be signed to receive these benefits. This means that the patient has abandoned the option of treatment and taken the initiative to get special care for a comfortable time before death. Palliative care is a huge step for patients who have short time life expectancy and the patient’s signature must appear on the statement if the patient has the needed energy.

Revoke and Reelect Hospice Benefits

A patient who has an illness that has been ruled as fatal and has signed the document for Medicare hospice benefits is not restricted to those benefits. These benefits can be revoked and later reelected as many times as possible. This means that a patient can be helped when needs arises by resuscitation.

Long Term Illness that Will Lead to Death

There are people under the Medicare Hospital Insurance who have been battling long term illnesses that will eventually lead to death because they cannot be cured. The Medicare hospice benefits starts only after the last six months of a patient’s life. This means that the patient will be given extra care but not cure or treatment and the care is meant to reduce the pain caused by the illness and make the last moments very comfortable.

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