Who Do I Contact If I Have Medigap Problems?

If a Medicare supplement subscriber has problems with Medigap, he may not know who to contact. In truth, resolving problems goes through a chain before a person can track down the source of the exact problem. The chain begins with the doctor or hospital and ends with a consumer protection agency. The last option is extreme and should only be used if all other options have been exhausted.

Contacting the Doctor

Most Medigap problems occur due to a simple paperwork error. A doctor’s office can help a person track it down and resolve the issue quickly. If finding out a paperwork issue does not resolve the issue, check to make sure the doctor’s office filled out the correct forms. If the problem does not lie with the doctor or hospital, a person needs to move up the chain to resolve Medicare problems.

Contacting the Medigap Provider to Resolve Medigap Problems

If a doctor’s office fails to resolve the problem, the next step in the chain is to contact the insurance company. While the doctor’s offices are helpful, the insurance companies often have to go through their own internal red tape before they can even begin to look at the problem. Patience and persistence are the key to getting to the issue.

Contacting a Consumer Protection Agency

Most insurance companies and doctors want to work with their clients. As any businessman knows, it is easier to retain an old customer than it is bring in a new one. If we lived in an ideal world, there would be no need for organizations like the Better Business Bureau. In rare circumstance, an insurance company does not live up to its ideals or even good business practices. In this case, bringing in an outside party is the only way for an individual to get relief for his Medigap problems.

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