Who Can Issue Medicare Select Coverage?

Medicare Select is a supplmental Medicare insurance that is similar to Medigap. The main difference is that Medicare Select is cheaper than Medigap while providing equal services. Issuers of Medicare Select policies are major insurance companies like Aetna, Anthem (Blue Cross and Blue Shield), Humana, Mutual of Omaha, and United HealthCare.

Why Is Medicare Select Cheaper Than Medigap?

Medicare Select is a managed health care system. If you have purchased a Medicare Select supplemental insurance policy, you have to use a hospital that is approved and on their list of approved health car providers. You can still use your own doctor but you have to use a hospital that is an approved provider of the Medicare Select program. The approved hospitals are local hospitals who have agreed to charge a designated sum as approved by the private insurance companies that underwrite private supplemental insurance to bridge the gap between Medicare and meeting qualifying deductibles, which means how much you have to pay before Medicare covers your health care.

What Are You Saving By Joining Medicare Select?

Your out of pocket deductible is waved by using an approved hospital. That could be important if your health is such that you need to use the services of a hospital frequently. The providers that Medicare approves have different plans and prices and you should know that they are from private insurance carriers that work along with your governmental Medicare health insurance.

How Do You Qualify For Medicare Select?

To qualify you must already have Medicare Part A and Part B. Your supplemental insurance works in conjunction with your medicare health insurance. There are different plans available depending on the provider that you decide to go with for medicare supplemental insurance polices. Some plans have more options and more services in different health related service.

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