Which Plan Is Primary Under Medicare Part D?

Are There Any out Of Pocket expenses associated with r Medicare Part D?

Yes, there is. There is an initial deductible of $310. Not every plan has a deductible. There is a co-payment for doctor visits and medication. Some plans offer both higher and lower mediation payment limits.

How Many Plans Is There To Choose From?

There is no way of knowing how many available plans are in play due to the increase of participating companies. Currently, individuals have a variety of Medicare prescription drug plans to choose from. There are many versions of coverage that are available from Medicare, and other private organizations. There are a few people who choose to purchase Part D as a standalone. Individuals are encouraged to compare prices and service before making a selection.

How Can I Purchase A Medicare Prescription Plan?

Medicare prescription plans can be activated by contacting the Medicare office, or by contacting a participating insurance company. Medicare Part D insurance is provided by private insurance companies, and approved by Medicare. These companies offer a variety of different plans that individuals can choose from.

What Is The Estimated Total Yearly Out OF Pocket Associated With Medicare Part D Prescription Plan?

The initial deductible is $310 for the 2010 year. The initial coverage amount for prescription drugs varies from amounts of up to $2830. (This is called the donut hole). The out of pocket threshold amount is an estimated $4550.

Can I Change My Current Medicare Drug Prescription Plan If I Am Not Satisfied?

Yes. Individuals can change their plans during the open enrollment period. The enrollment period begins November 15, 2010. During this time individuals can add, drop, or change their current Medicare Part D prescription plan.

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