Which Medicare Supplement Plan Is The Most Popular?

With recent changes in Medicare, it can be somewhat confusing trying to choose the best Medicare Supplement Plan to provide personal needs. Knowing which plans are the most popular can help seniors in guiding them to the right plan.

Most Popular Medicare Supplement Plan

The best plan available, which makes it the most popular is Plan F. This supplemental plan covers all gaps that are not covered by Medicare and includes Part A and B deductibles, Part B excess charges and the co-insurance of 20 percent. Because this coverage is so comprehensive, it is also the most expensive.

Second Most Popular Supplement Plan

For individuals who are in good health and want to purchase a cheaper plan, Plan G is also a popular plan. This plan is quite similar to Plan F, but the annual deductible for Part B must be paid, which is $155. This plan costs on average about $10 to $30 a month less than Plan F.

Third Most Popular Supplement Plan

The new Medicare Supplement Plan N is somewhat like Plan G except along with having to pay the Part B deductible, participants also must pay a co-pay of $20 for doctor’s services and a co-pay of $50 for emergency room care. This plan is popular because of the price, which is considerable lower than the other plans.

Fourth Most Popular Supplement Plan

Although Plans F, G and N are most popular, some seniors are choosing to purchase Medicare Supplement Plan C. This plan is identical to Plan F, but it does not provide the Part B excess charges. These charges occur when doctors charge more than the approved amount that Medicare requires. There are some states where doctors are not allowed to charge higher fees, which would make Plan C the same as Plan F.

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