Where Should I Shop Online For My Medicare Supplement Coverage?

You Have a Medicare Supplement Coverage Provider on the Phone: Now What to Ask?

Seniors are living longer today. As a result, their medical costs are increasing and the insurance companies have to raise their premiums to cover those costs. That is leaving seniors with a horrible choice to make. Either dip further into savings to pay the higher premiums or obtain supplemental health coverage to close the gap.

Where to Find that Medicare Supplement Coverage

That places these seniors in another risk area. They have to either search for their supplemental care on their own or hire someone to do that for them? Neither is a positive choice as both can place them in danger of being swindled out of their savings and not get much for it. So where to look?

The Internet

If the senior is capable of performing the search on their own, a quick search of Google listings of medicare supplement care providers on the internet can produce a host of providers from big names like Blue Cross and HealthNet to Mutual of Ohama and the powerful AARP. This is to say nothing of the ubiquitous Aflac. Many others are available as well. Each has its own plan and services for which it will reimburse charges or pay directly to the physician.

If the senior is not capable of such a search, they would need to have a relative do it or to call each provider one at a time. The former is likely quicker and the latter likely far less fruitful. Phone calls take too much time and energy with the end result being far less information with which the senior can make an informed decision.

Other Considerations

As plans differ, some basic questions to ask. What services are covered? What are the deductibles (the amount the senior pays)? Does the monthly premium fit their budget? Is this an HMO (managed care where the senior has a limited supply of physicians to use) or is it a PPO (where they can choose whom they want)?


Research all the different Medicare Supplement Coverage Provider companies well and list their services and costs on a single sheet of paper to compare. Then make an informed decision and choose the best one for you. Give it six months. If you are satisfied with your care and service, stay with them. If not, change. After all, you are the one in charge not them.

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