Where Do I Find Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

Locating Medicare supplemental insurance companies is easy. Let your fingers Do The clicking: Medicare. Gov.

You’ve heard the common phrase: “shop until you drop.” Well, in order to locate one of the approved Medicare insurance companies who provide supplemental or its associate Medigap health insurance coverage, get a copy of the list from Medicare.gov, then do these things: shop the coverage you need, compare supplemental policies that fit your needs, then buy; it really is just that simple.

I Viewed The Medicare Supplemental Insurance Approved List. Why So Many?

Its call competition, and yes it can become confusing to seniors looking for Plan D drug coverage. However, since Medicare Plans A & B might not cover all your medical needs, plenty of insurance companies have jumped in the “we can help” financial pool looking for clients. If you are financially secure and not interested in paying an additional cost for Plan D coverage, don’t bother.

What Should I Be Looking For In My Medicare Supplemental Insurance Policy?

Several things float to the top that are important. Make sure you ask who determines a claim, and how long it will take to process a claim. Since Medicare is out-of-the-picture, you need to get the answer from your insurance company. Also, before you sign on the dotted line with a particular insurer, you should inquire about any “pre-existing” condition coverage exclusions, and can you renew your policy without paying a penalty.

What Is A Medigap SELECT Policy?

Some states may still offer you the chance to purchase this type of Medigap policy which requires you to use special hospitals, doctors or other health care providers to get full coverage. If you buy this type policy and change your mind within a year, you can always switch back to a standard policy.

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