Where Can I Find Information About My Medicare Benefits?

What is it?

Medicare is a government funded program which helps with the medical costs of senior citizens. In most circumstances, you must be sixty-five years of age to qualify for Medicare even if you are already getting social security retirement benefits. If you are disabled or in the final stage of renal failure you may qualify at an earlier age. While you may be thinking where can I find information about my Medicare benefits, the government may actually help you. Medicare will alert you. About three months before you reach sixty-five, you should get in the mail an Initial Enrollment Questionnaire (IEQ). It is important to return it ensure coverage starts when it should.

Know What Is Covered

Because benefits can and do change, you will want to always know where I can find information about my Medicare benefits. To make sure you can learn all there is to know about Medicare, you might want to be able to access a computer. Medicare has set up a web site called Medicare.gov.. The web site explains benefits, what is covered and what is not. Also the site contains forms which you will want to fill out and return. If you do not have access to a computer, most communities provide them free at the public library and some post-secondary schools allow public use of their computers.

After I get it

Medicare is always changing. You will be sent voluminous amounts of literature. Many people find this too tedious to read through each time. Medicare will answer your questions but most of the time, the explanation will be available on the internet. You may always wonder where can I find information about my Medicare benefits because they change often. Medicare.gov is a good place to start.

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