Where Can I Find Information About My Medicare Benefits?

Medicare is a complex system that leaves many of its users with unanswered questions. Fortunately, there are options for consumers to find quick, reliable information about their Medicare Benefits. There are many options to find the information you need online or through telephone support at no cost to you.

Medicare Benefits Websites

The fastest way for you to find information about your Medicare benefits is online. Medicare.gov is the official government website for Medicare. Here, you can find out eligibility information, apply online, make changes to your coverage, or download the most recent Medicare information. Clear and concise explanations of all parts of Medicare(A, B, C & D) are also readily available. Another website for quality information is medicarebenefits.com. This site is a non-government website that strives to provide independent and unbiased information on Medicare. Medicarebenefits.com also offers a forum where they can discuss their concerns with other Medicare users and have their questions answered, as well as providing state specific information. Todaysseniors.com focuses on the common problems that most seniors face with Medicare. The goal of this site is to help its users eliminate their Medicare hassles, simplify their life, and get the most out of their retirement.

Telephone Support

Sometimes it is crucial to be able to speak with a live representative regarding your Medicare questions and concerns. 1-800-MEDICARE(633-4227) is the toll-free government number for Medicare. Associates can answer general Medicare questions, as well as send you out booklets and information about various health plans. The Social Security Administration can also be contacted at 1-800-722-1213. Here, users can change their address, make changes to Part A or Part B of their Medicare plan, or request a new Medicare card if lost.

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