When Does Medicare Coverage Begin?

Can a person still get Medicare Coverage if they get Social Security?

Yes. A person who is already receiving Social Security benefits is eligible for Medicare coverage. The enrollment package is automatically sent out the individual 3 months prior to his or her 65th birthday. Persons with certain illnesses such as permanent kidney failure, or Lou Gehrigs disease have no age limitations on when they can receive benefits. Medicare is a health insurance for individuals who are approaching retirement age. Medicare is a health insurance plan for people who are 65 or older, retiring or disabled. The program is set up to automatically enroll individuals into the Medicare insurance coverage program when they reach age 65. If a person has been a Social Security recipient for more than 2 years they may also be eligible for Medicare.

How Can a Person Sign Up For Medicare Coverage?

If the person is not receiving Social Security Supplement or Disability they will need to contact the Social Security office and request a Medicare enrollment packet. This can be done just before the individual turns 65. They can call the Social Security toll free number, apply online or walk into any local Social Security office. Even if a person does not plan on retiring at the appropriate age of retirement they should still apply for Medicare coverage.

Can I work and still get Medicare Coverage?

Yes. But it is important that you keep Part B of Medicare and not turn it down. If you or your spouse is still working and have health insurance on the job you may not want to enroll in Part B. If you refuse you may be charged a large penalty. It’s wise to go ahead and keep Part B you will need it eventually.

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