When Do I Get Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

A person gets Medigap as soon as he receives the notice that he has been accepted into the program. Most people do not mean that when asking asking when they get Medicare Supplemental Insurance. People over the age of 65, suffering from renal failure, Lou Gehrig’s Disease or who have a disability may qualify for certain parts of Medicare Part A, B and D. While the coverage offered by the government-sponsored healthcare program covers nearly everything, there are some things it will not cover.

When To Get Medicare Supplemental Insurance

The best time to get Medicare Supplemental Insurance is before you think you will need it. Private nursing care, dentures, and a long-term stay in a skilled nursing care facility are not covered by the program. Medicare Part D covers many necessary prescription drugs, but it does not cover all of them. While an individual with a supplemental plan must pay an additional premium, he is making sure to protect himself against unexpected expenses.

After Receiving Medicare is a Good Time

The best time to purchase a Medicare Supplemental Plan is just after a person receives notification that he is eligible for Medicare. As long as he is in good health otherwise, his rates will be much cheaper. Insurance companies, as a general rule, do not like to carry insurance on people who have severe health problems or who need expensive treatment.

Only for Medical Necessities

All Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans only pay for items that Medicare deems as medically necessary but will not pay for. A person on Medicare must pay for other items out of their own pocket or through another insurance plan. Medigap policies, as they are also called exist to extend drug, hospital, and out patient coverage. Policies that cover the gaps in the insurance program for people over the age of 65 work with Parts A, B and D.

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