When Can I Switch Medicare Health Plans?

If you’re please with your Medicare Health Plans, which includes the coverage, customer service provided and the rates, you shouldn’t consider switching. On the other hand, if you’re dissatisfied with any of these things, switching could be an option worth considering; however, it should be performed with care.

Switch After Comparing Rates

Before switching plans it should be noted that you have no guaranteed “right” to switch, unless you are within the six month window of open enrollment. Nevertheless, it is advisable to compare benefit packages as well as the rates, prior to making a switch. Take the benefits that you currently have, along with the rates and compare them to the ones available in the policy you’re considering. If the benefits, rates as well as service provided are better for you, this could be a good reason to switch.

Do Not Cancel Current Plans Until Accepted

While switching Medicare Health Plans, it’s recommended that you do cancel your current plan, until you are certain that company you’re considering will accept you. The reason for this is because some companies will need for you to answer some health-related questions before accepting you and your medical background will be checked by their insurance company. It is not incumbent upon them to accept you. Plus, during the application process you will be asked to sign a promissory statement to cancel your current policy, if you’re accepted. This is done to insure that only one plan is in effect.

When it comes to switching Medicare Health Plans the important thing is to make certain you are switching to a better plan. It is also recommended to hire someone who specializes in this field of work in order to properly guide you through the process.

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