What Types Of Medigap Policies Can Insurance Companies Sell?

Medigap policies are derived from Medicare itself. None of these plans include drug benefits. You must buy this separately through Part D.

Types of Policies

There are Medigap policies Types A through L available for an insurance company to choose to sell. A company does not have to offer all types. If they offer a type, though, it must provide the full range of services that Medicare has designated to be provided by that type.

Types A, B and C

Type A covers hospital copays from 60 days and beyond and covers some Part B copays. It will reimburse you for three pints of blood per episode. Type A also pays $120 toward preventative care. Type B covers everything in Part A and pays $992 toward your Medicare hospital copay. Type C covers everything in Type B and includes a benefit for foreign care. It includes copays to nursing homes after 20 days and covers some doctor and outpatient copays. Type C is one of the most comprehensive plans.

Types D, E, and F

Type D covers all the services in Type C except for doctor and outpatient copys but adds a recovery at home benefit. Type E covers everything in Type D except for the recovery at home benefit. Type F covers everything in Type C and includes a benefit for that will pay you for excessive copays.

Types G, H, I and J

Type G covers everything in Type C and includes 80% payment of excessive copays and a copay for home recovery costs. Type H covers everything in C except doctor and outpatient copays. Type I covers everything in Type H. Type I also includes a benefit that covers excessive copays and copays for home recovery. Type J covers everything in I plus doctor and outpatient copay coverage. Type J is also a fairly comprehensive Medigap plan.

Types K and L

These policies are a bit different. Type K will pay 50% of all Part B expenses and 100% of your of hospital copays. It includes a benefit for preventative care and will pay your monthly Medicare fees after you pay $4140. Type L is similar to Type K, except that it will pay 75% of Part B expenses and all hospital copays. It will pay your monthly Medicare fees after you reach $2070. Of the two of these, Type L is the most comprehensive and is considered the most comprehensive of all the Medigap policies available.

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