What Type Of Medicare Supplement Policy Is Right For Me?

There is an easy way to find the right medicare supplement policy for you.

Sometimes the variation in medicare supplement policies can be confusing, but it really isn’t. It just takes a little analytical work for you to find the right policy for your needs.

Where Do I Start?

Medicare will provide you with a list of supplement policies that serve your area and the approximate cost of each plan. You can sort the policies by the premium that you are able to pay. Often, your state insurance department will have specialists that can help you. Once you have identified a medicare supplement policy that looks like it might be right for you it is time to call the plan and ask for a description of the services provided. It is best to ask for a booklet on their policies; they likely will offer more than one policy.

What Am I Looking For?

You will be looking for the medical care that you need to have covered by a greater percentage than Medicare would cover, or a service that Medicare doesn’t offer at all. Select a medicare supplement policy that seems to meet most if not all of your needs.

Consider The Medicare Supplement Policy Costs In View Of Your Total Savings

Consider how much money you will save with each policy you evaluate after the medicare supplement premium has been paid. Be sure to take into account the drug cost savings. Most supplement policies offer a considerable savings plus additional benefits that you may want.

Covered Medical Facilities Should Be Studied

If you have a preferred hospital or radiological facility, then you should check with every plan you consider to see if these facilities are providers under the policy. Also check to see how you obtain your prescriptions under a policy.

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