What Should I Look For In Comparing Medicare Supplement Quotes?

The secrets of understanding medicare supplement quotes.

Medicare supplement quotes most often consist of one number, so you are comparing one plan’s cost number to another plan’s cost number. This doesn’t tell the story though. What you want to look at is the benefits that each cost number will provide for you.

How Do I Compare Benefits For The Costs?

Start by examining the benefits that you expect to use. Does each plan provide coverage for these benefits? Next, contact your medical providers and ask if they are providers under the plan. If they are not, then you must select another plan to compare or change providers. Be sure to compare every benefit that you will need to have.

What Is The Next Step?

Now compare the deductibles and the co-pays. The deductible refers to how much money you have to pay before the plan pays any money. The deductible is the amount of each office visit or procedure that you have to pay. Carefully study the amount of money that you would have to pay for each hospitalization. Total the estimated costs for each plan and see if a higher premium would be worth the money.

Consider Unusual Benefits That You May Require

Do you need chiropractic services or nutritional counseling? Are you in need of podiatry treatment? Make sure the plans provide for these services when you compare the costs.

Does Either Plan Have A Nurse On Call Should You Want To Talk To A Nurse?

Some plans have a nurse available 24 hours 7 days to talk with you about a problem you may be having.

Are You Sure That All Plans Service Your Area?

Not all supplement plans serve every part of the state.

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