What New Plans Are Available For Medicare Supplements?

There have been many changes in Medicare supplements during the last year. Currently four separate plans have been discontinued and two new Medicare supplements have been created. The two newest plans are called part M and Part N. These two new supplements are meant to replace and enhance the four supplements that were canceled. Part M provides an additional year of hospital coinsurance costs after Medicare runs out, covers Part B co-payment and co-insurance, skilled nursing facility and hospice co-payments, three pints of blood and pays 50% of your part A deductible. In addition it will also provide foreign travel coverage and part B coinsurance payments for preventative care. Part N offers all the same coverage except it provides 100% coverage of your part A deductible instead of 50%.

What Medicare Supplements Have Been Canceled?

Medicare supplement plans E, H, I and J have been canceled this year. If you had these plans prior to the cancellation date you are allowed to keep them if you desire and can continue to do so. However, after the new start date these plans will not be offered for sale in any state any longer. Most of these benefits are now available through Medicare supplements M and N.

What other Changes Have Occurred This Year To Medicare Supplements?

Medicare supplements D and G have changed significantly this year. Because these changes may affect you considerably, you should review any documentation you received from your insurance provider carefully. These changes are in effect for everyone who holds these policies regardless of when the policies were purchased. There have also been many changes made to Medicare Part An that you should be aware of. These changes may cause you to need a Medicare supplement now if you did not carry this type of insurance before.

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