What Medicare Supplement Plans Does Humana Offer?

Humana is one of many insurance companies that offers access to Medicare Supplement plans. Since Medicare only covers about half of the costs that are associated with health care in older age, the Medicare Supplement plans were created in order to cover some of these costs. The benefits offered by each one of the plans are laid down by the government, but the plans are sold by private insurance companies. This means that the Medicare Supplement plan offered by one company is the same as the plan offered by another company. The plans that are offered by Humana include A, B, C, F, G, K, and L.

Plans A and B

These cover basic hospitalization and other medical costs. Plan B also covers your Medicare Part A deductible.

Plan C

This offers more coverage than A and B. In addition to the basic coverage, it also covers the Medicare Part B deductible. Emergency care outside of the United States, nursing care, and other costs are also covered.

Plans F and G

Plan F covers all of the basic benefits, deductibles for Medicare Part A and B, and a higher deductible option that allows you to pay a lower premium. Plan G has basic benefits, covers the costs of Part B co-insurance, covers costs above the limit of Medicare, and pays for in-home recovery costs. Plan G is only offered by Humana in Connecticut.

Plans K and L

These plans have a lower premium and cover several costs. These include care from the hospital and the doctor’s office. The plan works by paying for a specific percentage of the costs, leaving the rest for personal responsibility.

Choosing Medicare Supplement Plans

The best option for your needs will depend on your budget and your state of health. If you are in a worse state of health, you may want to purchase one of the more expensive plans.

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