What Kinds Of Patients Are Covered By Medicare?

There are a few different ways one could qualify for medicare. This article will go over the different parts of medicare and help you understand what kinds of patients are covered by medicare.

Different Parts of Medicare

First of all, to know what types of patients are covered by medicare, you first have to have an understanding of how medicare works. Basically, there are four different parts of medicare. Below are the different parts of medicare and what makes a person qualified.

Part A of Medicare

Part A is the first one. This covers your basic hospital insurance. In order to qualify for Part A Medicare you need to fall into one of two categories. If you are over the age of 65 you will most likely qualify for medicare automatically. However, in order to be eligible you need to receive social security, are eligible for social security but not receiving it, you are eligible to receive social security due to your spouse who is over the age of 62, or you have worked long enough on a job to be legally insured for Medicare. If you are under the age of 65 you need to be receive social security, have been a social security disability beneficiary for the past two years, or you have worked long enough on a job to be receiving benefits.

Part B of Medicare

The second part of medicare is known as Part B. This is medicare medical insurance. Basically, if you are over the age of 65 of under the age of 65 and eligible for Part A, you can enroll for Part B as well by simply making a monthly payment.

Part C of Medicare

The third part of medicare can be chosen if you have Part A and B. These are the medicare advantage plans that provide health care services through an organization. This may or may not cost you additional money for your plans.

Part D of Medicare

Finally, there part D of medicare which covers prescription plans. This is voluntary for all patients who have either part A, B, or C of medicare. There is an additional charge for Part D Medicare on your monthly premium.

Special Qualifications for Medicare

Of coarse, there are always special exceptions when it comes to medicare. In order to see if you qualify for medicare it depends on your current medical situation. Now that you know the parts medicare has to offer, you can see if you meet the qualifications and apply for the parts that are best for you.

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