What Is The Medicare Discount Card?

What the Medicare Discount Card Can Do

This Medicare card is expected to help Medicare recipients save money when purchasing drugs. The savings could add up to 10 to 25 percent off the retail price of most drugs.

Some Medicare Cards Are Free

Some of these cards will be offered as free while others may have to pay up to $30 to have one. For those who have low incomes there may be additional $600 credit to help pay for prescriptions. Discounts for this program are now in effect.

How to Find More Information

Many seniors want to know what this Medicaid card can do for them and how they can best use it. For those who want or need more information on the Medicaid card, they can call 1-800-MEDICARE. In addition, they can also find information on this card program online or by seeking an informational brochure from Medicare. What is especially beneficial is the new Medicare website: www.Medicare.gov. Here you will find comparative drug cards, information on enrollment fees and discounted prices for drugs.

Informative Brochures

In addition, there are many brochures that help seniors understand the many benefits of a Medicare-Approved Drug Discount Card. These brochures explain the enrollment process, eligibility and details particular guidance when comparing discount cards.

What Drugs Are Included?

It is important to note that within the Medicare drug plan, not every drug is included in the Medicare prescription drug coverage; however every kind of drug is covered. Once you have enrolled in the Medicare drug plan, you need to find out what drugs are covered by the Medicare drug plans that are available and then join one that best fits your needs.

Transition Time May Be Needed

If you find that your plan doesn’t cover your prescriptions, there will be a transition time where your current drugs may be covered for a certain period of time. During this time your doctor will find a prescription drug for you that will be covered by the plan.

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