What Is The Best Criteria To Compare Medicare Supplement Plans

There is an easy way to compare medicare supplement plans without any professional help. You can do it yourself.

The best criteria to compare medicare supplement plans is to first decide what you need Medicare for now and what you believe you might need Medicare for in the future. This analysis forms the basis of your search for a supplement plan.

Where Do I Start?

Begin your search by finding the supplement plans that serve the area you live in. There is no plan that covers every county in every state. So, you will be looking for the plans that serve your city. This search can begin by looking in the Medicare Plan booklet that is mailed out around October of each year. In the back of this booklet you will find a list for supplement plans that cover your area, and often plans cover specific cities in a county, but they do not cover the entire county.

What Specifically Am I Looking For Other Than Geographical Coverage?

When you compare medicare supplement plans you will find that each has a premium charge above the regular Medicare fee. So, if your budget will allow a limited amount of money for the medicare supplement plan premiums, then you will begin your comparison between those plans that fit within your budget.

What Other Criteria Am I Looking For?

Of course, you want to make sure that your entire medical team including radiology centers and labs will accept the supplemental insurance plan. Once you sign up for one of the medicare supplement plans you no longer use your Medicare card because all claims are paid by your supplement plan. The other important criteria are comparing deductibles and co-pays between supplement plans.

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