What is Medicare Supplement Plan N?

Medicare Plan N is one of the new plans that will take the plans of E, H, I, and J. The coverage will be similar to the insurance currently offered by Medicare Supplement Plan D. There are a few key differences. Before the differences between Plan D and Plan N are spelled out, the reader should understand what they cover.

Preventative care and hospice care have been removed from Medigap plans. Standard Medicare policies now offer this level of coverage.

What Medicare Supplement Plan N and Plan D Cover

Medicare Supplement Part D covers doctor co-pays, hospital co-pays and extends hospital coverage. The total price is expected to be about 92% of the current Plan D. People with this coverage can expect a 20 dollar co-pay for doctor’s visits, and a 50 dollar co-pay for emergency room visits.

Deductibles for Medicare Supplement N will cost a subscriber $155 per year. As with all other plans, a person must pay the deductible before other benefits from the plan will kick in. The plan utilizes a cost sharing structure to help keep the premiums of subscribers low. The new level of coverage, unlike many other types f coverage, includes a payment plan for people who get injured or sick while traveling abroad.

Innovative Features of Medicare Supplement Plan N

The most important feature to many consumers is that the new plan does not use Medical Underwriting. Consumers who purchase this plan do not need to answer questions about their health, nor do they need to undergo a physical. Provided an insurance company offers the plan, a consumer is likely to get accepted regardless of his health. He may still have to pay premiums based on his age, depending on how he purchases his Medicare Supplement Plan N coverage.

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