What Is Medicare Supplement Plan F?

Medicare insurance offers many good benefits although it is very limited on it coverage. This reason is why most seniors choose to add a Medicare Supplement Plan to their basic coverage. The best and most popular plan that is available today is the Medicare Supplement Plan F. Because Plan F provides such a wide range of benefits it also is the highest priced supplemental plan available.

Medicare Supplement Plan F Fills In All Gaps

Because this plan is so extensive, participants who enroll in plan F can feel assured that they have the best coverage available as this plan fills all gaps that are not covered by Medicare, that are approved. These include doctor fees, hospital, lab work, diagnostic tests, therapy, outpatient treatment and medical supplies.

Pays For Deductibles

Medicare Supplement Plan F is also popularly chosen because of its benefit of covering costs of Part A deductible and Part B deductible.

Covers Coinsurance

Plan F covers the coinsurance for skilled nursing care facilities, hospice services and overseas emergency travel insurance. It also pays for Part B excess charges of 100 percent. Doctors in some states can charge up to 15 percent over what Medicare covers, but Part F will cover all these costs. This plan also covers hospital days that Medicare Part A does not cover, up to 150 days as well as coinsurance and co pays for Medicare Part B and also pays hospital stays extending to one year if Medicare benefits are used up.

Home Health Care

In the event that skilled nursing care is needed in the home, Plan F will cover all costs that Medicare Part A and B do not cover as well as all medical supplies.

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