What Is Medicare Part C?

What Is Medicare Part C?

Medicare Part C is combination of the first two Medicare coverage, Medicare part A and part B. This is a different part of Medicare because unlike Medicare parts A and B, it’s private. This means that Medicare-approved insurance companies offer the coverage for Medicare Part C. This coverage offers extra benefits not covered by Medicare Part A and B, and it’s much cheaper than both previous parts of Medicare.

What Are the Advantage Plans Offered By Medicare Part C?

* Medicare Medical Savings Account (MMSA) in which Medicare deposits money that you can use to cover the expenses of your health care; this plan’s coverage doesn’t start until you have pay for your yearly deductible which is somewhat expensive.

* Medicare Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) gives you the freedom to choose your preferred doctor, but if your physician is not a member of the PPO network, your medical costs will be higher and you’ll probably have to pay for a premium to cover the entire costs. You don’t need referrals with this plan.

* Medicare Private Fee For Service (PFFS)
A referral is not needed for this plan, and you can get the doctor of your choice. However, the doctor you choose needs to agree with the terms and conditions of this plan, and also with its fee; this is usually the complicated part of the plan.

* Medicare Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) is possibly the most popular plan of all. The plan is cheaper, but you need referrals. Also, you’re only allowed to see doctors that belong to this network, which makes it complicated for most people that starts with this plan because they want to choose the doctor of their choice, but they don’t want to pay for a premium to cover the extra medical expense.

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