What Is Medicare Part C?

In need of emergency care or urgent care? The alphabet letter “C”, as in Medicare Part C is your parachute!

Like a well mixed drink, Medicare Part C, also known as Medicare Advantage, marries together both Part A and Part B, and pretty much covers most all the medical services you’ll need.

I Never Knew Anything About Medicare Part C. Does It Cover Prescription Drugs?

Well, most of Part C does cover prescription drugs, but you’ll be able to fill the rest of any coverage needed via a private insurance company like an HMO and PPO that has been approved to provide this service. Part C is basically a lower-cost alternative to the Original Medicare Plans, and usually offers a series of extra benefits.

Medicare Part C Sounds Good. When Can I Enroll And Get Started?

The good news is if you already are an annuitant of the Original Medicare you can choose instead to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan which you get from a qualified and approved health insurance company. Since you would never need all three Medicare Plans, the Advantage Plan eschews the need for any Medigap or Supplemental policy. About the only difference between the Original Medicare and the Medicare Advantage Plan will be how much you actually pay out-of-pocket when receiving health care depending on your copay or deductible.

Is It True That Part C Might Cover My Trips To An ER Or Urgent Care Center?

All Part C coverage does include emergency and urgent care. Some plans will also surprise you and include routine eye vision, routine dental, and some wellness programs. Most include prescription drug coverage, as well. What Medicare Part C doesn’t cover is limited to hospice care. If you require that coverage, that single benefit remains with Original Medicare.

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