What Is Medicare Look Back?

Medicare can seem like a very confusing program, and in a lot of ways it really is. The Medicare look back period refers to up to a 5 year span where they can look at your assets and financial standing during that time to determine if you actually received the coverage you were supposed. If you currently do not receive benefits for something you can’t afford, you may be able to recover the money you spent at a later date with the Medicare look back.

How To Dispute A Claim

If you feel that you were denied coverage for a certain service and would like it reviewed you can contact your local Medicare offices. They will require a review of your finances and assets over the Medicare look back period to ensure that you weren’t stiffed any service you deserved. It seems like a backwards system, and for the most part it really is. Just make sure that you keep great records about how much you paid, when you paid, along with any other pertinent information to your type of case.

What If You Used Supplemental Insurance To Cover The Bill?

This is where everything really starts to become tricky. Did it drive up your premium? Did you have to pay a deductible? It will be up to you to prove that during the Medicare Look Back period you paid some expense that should have been paid by Medicare. Good record keeping will seriously help you out in this type of situation. It is easier to recoup losses that were straight from your own pocket, but indirect supplemental insurance costs can be expensive as well and should be reimbursed if possible.

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